Take control of your recruitment

How it Works?

Post a job to the marketplace - free and anonymously
Vetted experienced Remote Recruiters bid a fee for the opportunity to be engaged
Review and engage up to 5 recruiters
Workspace made available to chat directly with the recruiter
Hire a candidate - Invoiced on first day of Employment by iRecruiter. Nothing to pay at all before this
Candidate is guaranteed for up to 90 days by iRecruiter

Why use iRecruiter?

iRecruiter employees no Recruiters!

Tap into a global network of experienced Remote Recruiters who are vetted by us. Our unique marketplace allows recruiters to competitively bid for the opportunity to be engaged on your role

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Terms of Business
An end to Contract negotiations. Everyone governed by the same Terms of Business.
Employer's Choice
No more being locked in for the same Fee - you decide the Fee for each role.
Hire in Confidence
iRecruiter provides Guarantee periods allowing Employers to hire Candidates in Confidence.
Recruiter's Freedom
Ability to work with Any Company, Any Size, Anywhere. Your Choice.
Recruiter's Bidding
Engage with Clients by bidding Different Fees on Different Role
We collect the Payment
All payment administration and collection handled by iRecruiter – source in confidence.


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An online platform giving you complete control to choose the experienced remote Recruiters you wish to work with and most importantly the FEE you are willing to pay, saving you and your business time and money!

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Search through our global marketplace for jobs that Employers have posted looking for Remote Recruiters to help fill. Bid what you think is right and make it competitive. If your bid is selected than you can start sourcing for the Employer. We handle all the back-end!

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