Recruitment is an industry that hasn’t changed much since the birth of modern Recruitment around the 1940’s.

Find a recruiter – negotiate terms of business and fee structure – sign terms – get the chosen recruiter to work on every role for the same fee no matter how junior or senior the role is or what the function of the role is.

The process can be slow and costly!

iRecruiter is about to change all that!

Our Mission

To make the Recruitment industry a truly competitive industry – by lowering the cost of working with recruiters while reducing the time it takes to find the ideal candidate.


By giving Employers the chance to work with Freelance Recruiters globally to help fill vacancies at the rate that they are comfortable with. Saving the Employer Time and Money, while increasing the efficiency of their recruitement.

To allow Recruiters, Freelancers or Agency employed to work with different Employers on different roles at different rates.

With our industry changing Global Marketplace and bidding system we have made all this possible!

Increase your chances of recruitment success with iRecruiter!!