Are you frustrated with…
  • Paying high Recruiter fees for each and every hire?
  • Paid Job posts that receive 100’s of irrelevant applicants?
  • Assigning roles to Recruiters that are unfamiliar with your industry?
  • Dealing with unqualified or inexperienced Recruiters?
  • Unable to choose different Recruiters at any given time due to the formalities of completing terms of business?
  • Having to wait too long to receive qualified and suitable CVs?

iRecruiter – A FREE to use online platform giving you complete control to choose the remote Recruiters you wish to work with and most importantly the FEE you are willing to pay, saving you and your business time and money!

Post a job then review and accept various bids from our community of global experienced vetted Remote Recruiters who when accepted, recommend the ideal candidates saving you time and money.

Its a NO HIRE NO FEE policy – nothing more to pay, ever!

Additionally iRecruiter guarantees all candidates for up to 90 days from first day of employment!

Get Started

How it works?
  1. Sign up and Login – Your profile and registered information are completely confidential – it can’t be seen by any users!
  2. Post a Job – Remember to provide as accurate details about the job as you can, to attract the most suitable iRecruiter – Again your information is kept completely hidden there is no way an iRecruiter can reach out to you directly.
  3. Watch the Bids – iRecruiters will start bidding on the job, either a fixed fee or a % of the annual salary. Each iRecruiter will bid what they believe is right – so its up to you to choose!
  4. Selection Process – You are in total control; Review all the bids, Choose, Accept and Assign up to 5 iRecruiters to help fill your roles.
  5. Working through the Recruitment process – When you have accepted an iRecruiter’s bid, a workspace will be made available where you can chat freely with the chosen iRecruiter (a separate workspace for each iRecruiter – up to 5), have them upload CVs and work together to find the right Candidate!
  6. Hire a Candidate – You press the HIRE button and choose the Candidate’s name.
  7. When the Candidate is Hired – You will get an email requesting to confirm Candidate Name, Start Date and Agreed Salary. The winning iRecruiter – gets the same e-mail to double confirm.
  8. Review – We will ask you to review the iRecruiter as this will help other Employers understand about who they are going to be working with.
  9. Payment & Guarantee – On the first day of the Candidate’s employment with your Company – our Accounts team will invoice you directly. We guarantee all candidates by holding the funds in Escrow with 100% Refund policy in the first 60 days and a 50% Refund policy from 61 – 90days!
* Please review all our Terms & Conditions for more details.